New toolchain version incompatibility with older e2studio versions (RL78, RX targets)

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Improvements made for the toolchains released in 2021, for both targets RL78 and RX, rendered the option --header-files to be deprecated, thus was removed. This caused an incompatibility between the toochains released in 2021 and older e2 studio versions, since option --header-files was automatically sent to the command line in e2 studio, if Project-built option was selected for Library Generator tool.

Command e2.png

Building an RL78 project or an RX project, in an older e2 studio, using a toolchain released starting with year 2021, will cause the below error.



There are 2 workarounds to avoid a build failure:

1. Users can upgrade their older version of e2 studio to a newer one. In the newer version, the option --header-file was removed from the command line, so selecting Project-build for Library Generator will not cause any issues on build.

Option --header-files was removed in e2 studio version 2021-07 for RX target, and e2 studio version 2021-10 for RL78 target.


2. If an e2 studio upgrade is not possible, users can select Pre-built option instead of Project-built for Library Generator.