Hi Good day!

I just want to ask about this warning:

warning: stack usage is 120 bytes [-Wstack-usage=]

By the way, I’m using the following:

e2 studio IDE
GCC for Renesas RL78 v4.9.202201
R5F104ML (RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board) – On-chip memory: 512-KB ROM, 48-KB RAM, 8-KB data flash memory

I’m aware though that this warning will disappear by increasing the stack size limit in the project settings and so far, the function where the warning is coming from runs fine. But I’m curious, what should be the maximum stack usage should I allocate for a function? The default upon creating a project is set to 40. Should I not exceed that limit? My knowledge when it comes to stack usage is honestly limited. I hope you could help me understand it. Thank you in advance for the answers.



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