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LLVM for Renesas RL78 can’t assemble the src/smc_gen/r_bsp/mcu/all/start.S which is generated by RL78 SmartConfigurator of e2 studio 2023-01 due to the following error. On the other hand, can do it.

src/smc_gen/r_config/r_bsp_config.inc:38:1: error: unmatched .ifs or .elses

All files of such error project and a screen copy of e2 studio are posted to the Renesas Rulz Japanese forum.


Not only the above start.S and r_bsp_config.inc but also my sample program’s portasm.S causes the same error.

src/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/Renesas/LLVMRL78/portasm.S:155:1: error: unmatched .ifs or .elses

Screen copies of e2 studio with Renesas RL78<–NG and Renesas RL78<–OK are posted to the Renesas Rulz Japanese forum.


All files of my sample program can be downloaded as a zip file from the following URL.

View button at the top right corner of the page –> RL78_SmartConfigurator_examples_RL78FPB_LLVMRL78-GitHub_20210903.zip

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Open Source Tools Support commented
    • Hello NoMaY-san,

      We are aware of this issue and we have removed the 202212 toolchain version from the website, for now.
      The 202301 version will contain a fix for this, and we planned it for release shortly.

      In the meantime, the workaround we can suggest is to replace conditional assembly directives with
      preprocessor directives or downgrading to version 202209.

      We appreciate your diligence in this situation.
      Best regards,
      The Open Source Tools Team