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I found the following statements in the Release Notes of the GCC Please don’t remove the feature because the RX SmartConfigurator strongly depends on it and there is an easy workaround.

3. [Deprecation] Automatic interrupt vector entry generation
Declaring interrupt handlers with a numeric argument resulted in the compiler creating additional symbols, which could be referenced in the linker script to initialize the interrupt vector.
This feature is being deprecated and removed in a future release, since the current implementation does not work when paired with the -gc-section command line option.


Add the following KEEP() statements. (Recently I noticed that Azure RTOS Kernel source code needs little modification of `gnu/src/tx_thread_schedule.S` files to work with the combination of the feature and the -gc-section option. Therefore, unfortunately the following workaround doesn’t support Azure RTOS Kernel as of today.)


.text 0xFFC00000: AT(0xFFC00000) <– This line is an example.
KEEP(*(.text.*_isr)) /* for FIT */
KEEP(*(.text.*_interrupt)) /* for CG */
KEEP(*(.text.*Interrupt)) /* for CG Motor Component */
KEEP(*(.text.*ISR)) /* for FreeRTOS Kernel and Demos */
etext = .;
} > ROM

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