Hello there,

I am struggling to create a functional new project using e2 studio (2022* on Windows), latest GCC RX toolchain for the mcu RX630 and FIT. Using e2 studio I am able to create a empty project (File->New->Renesas C/C++ Project->Renesas Rx). This simple step compiles and “works”. But when I try adding FIT drives, such as a bsp, warnings and errors pop up.


  1. Is there any document that describes how all these tools work together?
  2. Considering this scenario, is using a Makefile mandatory?

Since my working environment is based on GNU/Linux, my goal is to create some kind of template with all drivers that I will need on Windows, then move this code to Linux and starting implementing my functions on top of this template, using also a FreeRTOS.

Important to highlight that when I use the CCRX toolchain (which generates a different set of start-up files) code compiles and the example program works.



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