Hello support team,

I’m trying to use VSCode, CMake and GNURX. I notice that GCC for Renesas RX or later needs `Path` setting which wasn’t necessary before. For example:

C:/Renesas/GCCLLVM/GNURX-ELF/ -c test.c
–> OK

C:/Renesas/GCCLLVM/GNURX-ELF/ -c test.c
–> NG
This causes the following two error message boxes pop up. (In my environment, messages are Japanese.)
(1) libstdc++-6.dll isn’t found
(2) libgcc_s_seh-1.dll isn’t found.

test.c has only one line comment as follows:

/* */

It is inconvenient. Can you reproduce this issue?

Best regards,

Open Source Tools Support コメント済
    • Hello NoMaY-san,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

      The issue you are experiencing is caused by the lack of duplication of DLLs in both the “bin” and the “libexec” folders.
      As a workaround for existing releases, you can copy the missing DLLs from the
      folder into the

      We raised an internal ticket to fix this for future releases.

      Best regards,
      The Open Source Tools Team

    • Hello NoMaY-san,

      We are pleased to inform you that the issue should be fixed in the GCC for Renesas RX release.
      Best regards,
      The Open Source Tools Team