The Renesas RX toolchain receives an update today!

The highly popular Renesas target, RX, is receiving a refreshed version of the toolchain today, for the first time in 2021. The updates, improvements or issues resolved are documented below.

The release notes for each of these platforms may be found below, covering what changes each of these new toolchain versions bring:

  • GCC for Renesas (Windows | Linux)
    1. [GCC] [Improvement] The RX140 CPU type is now supported.
    2. [GCC] [Improvement] Using the -tfu option will now expand libcalls to instrinsic functions.
    3. [GCC] [Improvement] The -fpu option is now supported by the RX13T CPU type.
    4. [GCC] [Bug Fix] Fixed register settings for __builtin_rx_rmpa8.
    5. [GCC] [Bug Fix] Disabled the icf ipa optimizations for interrupt functions.
    6. [GCC] [Bug Fix] The -mint-register=N now properly reserves the registers.
    7. [Bug Fix] The mvtc #imm, creg instruction now to properly generate an error for targets without floating point support.
    8. [Bug Fix] Fixed the order of pushed/poped registers when the -msave-acc-in-interrupts option is used.
    9. [Binutils] [Improvement] Binutils version updated from version 2.24 to version 2.36.1.
    10. [Binutils] [Bug Fix] Fixed SETPSW decoding.
    11. [Binutils] [Bug Fix] Fixed the -flto generating unexpected linker/compiler errors
    12. [GDB] [Bug Fix] Fixed double floating instructions simulation.
    13. [GDB] [Bug Fix] Fixed SETPSW decoding.
  • Known issues
    • For a full list of known issues, please refer to this toolchain’s release notes available here.

The Linux installer for this toolchain also offers command-line flags to automate installation as much as possible, as well as the ability to also act as an uninstaller for the toolchains. Therefore, the installer can both install and uninstall the toolchain from one or more paths from your Linux distribution. The release notes for the toolchain also include the list of the currently known issues presented above, to which we fully commit to adequately handle in the coming updates.

We are deeply grateful for any feedback you may have regarding this release, so please let us know if you have any questions or comments.