About Our Support


We intend to answer all questions regarding the use of open-source tools with Renesas micros within one working day.

In case bugs are reported, we intend to reply within one working day after the confirmation of the bug. We try to provide a workaround, if possible. We also indicate the toolchain version which may have the bug fix. In case the query does not indicate a bug, we reply within one working day, giving details of the issue and how the behavior can be avoided.

If a bug fix is possible within 5 working days, we discuss it internally and provide the bug fix to our users. However if our analysis suggests that a fix is not possible or is not required (e.g. the problem can be very easily avoided but would require considerable resources to fix), we intend to reply with this information within seven working days from the date on which we were notified.

Please note that our response times are usually much faster than those indicated above.

Finally, we encourage our users to send us any queries arising from the use of the GNURX / LLVM RL78 / GNURL78 / GNURZ toolchains and legacy toolchains GNUV850 / GNUSH / GNUH8 / GNUM16C / GNUM32C for analysis. However, we do not guarantee to make any fixes and we also reserve the right to decline support.