About Our Services


CyberTHOR Studios Limited is dedicated to providing top-notch quality and services to all its customers worldwide. We are a dedicated software development and consultancy company, with a strong team of dedicated professionals and technology enthusiasts.

Our services include the following:

  • Completely free of charge Open Source Tools for Renesas. Please check our Terms of Use.
  • Completely free worldwide technical support for Open Source Tools for Renesas
  • Free toolchain based on Free Software Foundation sources
  • Ready-to-use Installers on Windows & Linux platforms
  • Windows users can use the tools with Renesas’ e2 studio IDE and on command-line
  • Useful utilities, documentation, FAQs and sample tutorials to accelerate your development
  • FULL SOURCE CODE available
  • Free GDB debugger and simulators supplied with the toolchains
  • Full ANSI/ISO C and C++ Support
  • Supports RX, RL78, ARM, RH850, H8/300, H8/300H, H8/300H Tiny Series, H8/300L, H8/S 2XXX, H8/S 26XX, H8/SX (ELF), SH-1, SH-2, SH-2A, SH-2E, SH2-DSP, SH-3, SH-3E, SH3-DSP, SH-4, SH-4A, R8C (ELF), M16C (ELF), M32CM (ELF) and M32C (ELF) targets
  • Extensively tested and optimized for Renesas processors