I have been trying to use for days my recently installed e2studio with the toolchain you provide (arm-none-eabi). It does not work and even the simplest code have a lot of errors (it does not build)

  1. Is there a guide somewhere on how to install correctly these two tools?
  2. I am suspecting that the problem is the Global Tools paths. When using your arm-none-eabi, what should I put in: “Build Tools folder (path)” and “Toolchain folder (path)”?  I have tried some combinations without success.

I would very much appreciate some help here

Raul Buibas commented
    • Hello,

      e2studio IDE is designed to work out-of-the-box, given that the desired toolchain has been installed.
      This means that a newly generated sample project is guaranteed to build with no errors.

      After the toolchain has been installed, e2studio will automatically detect it on start-up.
      If you have installed your toolchain with e2studio running you can scan for the toolchain to be integrated.
      This can be done by accessing Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Renesas > Renesas Toolchain Management and clicking the “Scan” button.
      The Renesas Toolchain Management will also offer you the possibility to manage any other toolchain installed on your machine, as long as it’s supported by e2studio.

      Furthermore, you can access the e2studio IDE User’s Manual: Getting Started Guide at the following location: https://www.renesas.com/ko-kr/doc/products/tool/doc/006/r20ut2771ej0400_e2_start_s.pdf

      If your problems still persist, we will require more detail on the problems you are encountering, together with a log of the failing build.

      Should you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      The GNU Tools Team

    • Sorry for my late reply.
      I haven’t been able to solve my problem. Yes a newly generated (and empty) project builds (although it does not generate a bin file which I need) but I am trying to build a sample project that I import to e2studio.
      The sample project is in
      (the name is 1778.lychee_mbed_style.zip)
      It is supposed to be built for a lychee board which is a RZ. I installed your toolchain since the renesas page informed me that this is the toolchain for RZ.

      I have discovered that this sample code is set for GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain and not for yours. Does that mean that I can not use your toolchain for this project?

      I would appreciate very much your support or advice on this matter. It is taking too much time for the simplest of things in e2studio so far

    • Hello,

      The project you are trying to build is created for the GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain, indeed. The toolchain offered on our site is the GNUARM-NONE Toolchain, latest version being v16.01.

      Unfortunately, you cannot use a GNUARM-NONE v16.01 Windows Toolchain to build that sample project. The GNUARM-NONE toolchain has been discontinued, although we still offer support for it. Converting the other way around is however possible, i.e. converting a GNUARM-NONE project to GNU ARM Embedded project.

      Regarding the sample project provided in your response: it would seem that upon importing the project your Environment variables are not up to date. This is happening for a good reason – they are User defined. You can see that by going to Project Properties > C/C++ Build > Environment. The following variables have as Origin “USER: CONFIG”: GCC_VERSION, PATH, TCINSTALL, TC_VERSION.

      The problems you are seeing is most likely caused by the values of those variables. The TC_VERSION specified, for example, seems to be “”. In case you do not have that particular toolchain installed, you won’t be able to build the project in that state.

      Fortunately there is a simple solution to that problem – just hit Restore Defaults on the Environment page.

      Hopefully, that should solve your issues.

      The GNU Tools Team