when I see that you released a new toolchain version one of my first tasks is to review the changelog in your release notes. Then I can decide whether we are affected by any of the bugs found in the previous version and if it is necessary to switch to the newer version.

Unfortunately the very short bug-fix description in your latest release notes makes it very hard for me to decide whether a bug-fix is relevant for us or not. Can you please give a little bit more information on your bug-fixes?

For example in the release notes of GCC, you wrote “Fixed the handling of 64 bit addition”. Here I would be interessted in what was the problem with 64 bit additions in the previous version. Another example (in the same release notes): You wrote “Fixed an issue related to the libgen parsing of assembler options”. What did go wrong with the parsing of assembler options? Which assembler option was affected?


Open Source Tools Support answered