Do you support RA series of Renesas microcomputers?
If you support it, I would like to know how to write “.arm” (or “.code 32”).

We used GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain in e2stuido.
Target Processor is “cortex-m4″.(Products name : RA6M1)

We writed ARM directives in the assembler file.
We wanted to execute the PUSH and POP instructions for the Hi register.
However, the error occurs on the parts of PUSH instruction.
( Error: selected processor does not support ARM opcodes)

Are we something missing before Arm directive(.arm) ?

—– The example of writting the source code  —–

.section mycode,”x”

PUSH {R8-R10} // stack <– R8, R9, R10

MOVW R8, #0x5555 // MOV 0x55555555h -> R8
MOVT R8, #0x5555
MOVW R9, #0x5555 // MOV 0x55555555h -> R9
MOVT R9, #0x5555
CMP R8, R9
BNE Test_Failed


Please answer the question.

Best Regards,
Hiroyuki Nakao

Robert Dumitru answered