I’m currently trying to enter debug mode using the GCC for Renesas RL78 toolchain but the program has stalled at the “Configuring GDB” dialog (Extracting RL78 Debug).

The debugger works however if the KPIT GNURL78v15.02-ELF Toolchain is selected.

I select the GCC toolchain from the Toolchain tab of the Project->Properties->C/C++ Build window and then click “Apply and Close”… When I rebuild the project and try to debug, the dialog progresses close to the end and then stalls (image attached).

When I perform the same sequence with the KPIT toolchain, everything is fine…

I am developing for an RL78 device (R5F104PJ) using e2studio 7.2.0. My debugger is an E1.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,


RalfZim answered